WARNING: If you are currently pescribed Hax®, we highly reccommend that you refrain from using this website altogether, as you may encounter drastic side effects.

Hey there! This is a new wordpress blog, to start with, it had settled mainly with its eyes on World of Warcraft, or shit I think WoW players may like to read about. But since I play and have played many other games regularly, (Counter strike, most famous gamesgenerally fps – and mods of these games, it goes on..) Anything internet or gaming related or even our lives in general. Our commentary will end up here – possibly with shiny embedded videos here and there to stop you from falling asleep.

Internet and youth/music culture with a dash of comedy, the comedy part I cannot ensure.

do you really care about how this banter-hole came into existance? see the “ABOUT- In The Beginning.” page in the right sidebar.

Because the Blog is still young, we will respond to most, if not all comments!

so any questions, just shoot. 😉    Thanks!    L!th & Asylim


2 Responses to “WELCOME”

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  2. Whats Up
    How can start this work please tell me
    I will put your site on my blogroll.

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