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After about a year of inactivity on this blog, I would like to mention that this blog is now inactive until further notice, along with its counterpart at

It has been a while since I quit wow, and im 360ing a fair bit these days.

Asylim and myself are helping a friend with a project, which you can learn more about on our devblog at

Im on a gap year so a bit more internet attention is due


Darkfall Is Coming…

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Well, Its been in development for 7 years.
It looks like more of a WoW killer however, than AoC and War put together.
I am far too lazy to talk about it, but seriously, The beta signup is going down as I type, so why not go and sign up? Watch the video (i know its goes on a bit, but It really does speak a millon words)


On another note. WOWGLIDER’s court case is going very badly
-for ignorant people, Blizzard took MDY industries to court over the imfamous glider program (there are already 3 altenatives, none quite as good, one free).
Blizzard did just however Win $6million from them in compensation to damages. its odd to think that they are capable of making that 10x over a month in RAW PROFITS, ah well Its their creation.
This site/blog/article thread is very well written, and the comment box has become the unofficial discussion forum for this.

If your gonna glide, Do it fast. And imho, 25$ for basic – the extra $5 elite is helluh worth it. If you would like to know why. “Ppather”


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I predict that the 3rd World of Warcraft expansion will be dubbed World of Warcraft: The Emerald Dream.

In all seriousness, I was particularly bored, and considered what content of the warcraft lore was still untouched mainly. The emerald dream sticks out like a sore thumb, Especially as blizzard announced it in 2003 as an endgame zone, but then hastily cancelled it. There was evidence to suggest from a certain blue post that It would have been the theme of the second expansion, but was scrapped. For some reason, however, blizzard like including hidden unfinished content on their games, and a multitude of hackers have discovered a massive unfinished “emerald dream” the zone is split into 3 and is most easily accessed by exploiting private servers running on Ascent. It is apparently larger than outland, and azeroth put together, and contains some massive areas with some odd structures and plants. Interesting, no?


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“The development of Duke Nukem Forever, as of 2008, has taken longer than World War II.”

facts hurt

clever google

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Lich King

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Sadly, the only time I have spent in game recently is messing around with my friend Reizo’s new Deathknight, whilst rolling a new class is almost an unspoken must for most people when a big shiny expansion comes out,I do think that, despite my critical rants about them being OP etc, I really do think blizzard went to school on this one. Like only having 5 spells initially, helped clueless fuckers like me to get to grips with the new rune system very quickly. From what I have played, they seem have just about got the balance between simplicity, fun, and power (i.e. ease of leveling). I like the mount-hopping particularly, and generally the established ease of use for the new content I’ve seen is commendable. For some, the prospect of Northrend provided excitement on comparison to that of the first time a member of the opposite sex unbuttons your jeans, and looking out from above EPL with the new improved view range was quite yummy.

in the rest of life,
Have been messing around to get UCAS in, despite the fact I am gap year-ing (dunno where yet), and Jesus titty-fucking christ, do personal statements require attention. Arrgh. I left it until four days till the deadline and am still wondering if what I have written is too humorous or not, hmm.

Duke Nukem Forever is now rumored to be on the GOW engine. Lfmao.


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Ahem. A particularly humorous collective of ytmnd sketches. For me, the first one sums the entire pc vs mac arguement in under a minute.

^ m v pc sketch’s ytmnd URL.