ABOUT -In the Beginning.

This was originally the first post, but I have decided its a fine way to show how and why this exists. It started off a much more general-shit blog, but I have come to terms with the fact no one cares, and inevitably moved it towards a World of Warcraft orientated Blog.
aka “I successfully googled ‘free blog'”.
Before I introduce Myself,  I have been pottering around trying to set this up, originally on blogger.com yesterday, but was blocked on my notorious School Network firewall/nanny system WEBMARSHAL. If anyone, anyone at all, has the address of the the person that invented this, I am paying HARD CASH. I wrote everything here after this bit on Monday 22nd.
I Am Lith. I have had many gimpy names in my time, but this one has stuck. four letters + fairly unused sound is always a winner. I Am away at school (boarding), And I’m currently in my last year of high school/college, Im doing economics Philosophy and Theology and Graphic Design.

With my 18th birthday approaching, Wednesday seems like something that will be the catalyst I have been after to motivate myself to move on. However, after much deliveration, I have decided to succumb to yet another internet based life sapping device. The dreaded blog. It is only after making this decision, that have realized you cannot make “that energy vampire” without internet being crammed in there somewhere, ironically. (internal joke)

To messily quote many wise people, life is full of surprises. Mine is full of a few words that darent be placed in the same sentence. Oh, why not. Its only the Internet after all! Sex, games, Dyslexia ( spelling? ), Thrash metal, and general confusion and lethargia.   *edit* booze, its my 18th after all!

awkward stuff, but never fear, the worst is over, (heres the first of many) Lol!

On the pain front, as much as I would like to avoid making this an emo blog,  the occasional whine will fly free, but from what i have read, blogs are opinion holes anyway, whether that be positive, or just to have a good escapist WAH about life.

Better still, I Dragged my partner in crime into such dealings too, Enter Asylim.  A = Games, etc. like me. to find out more, read his banter, Hes physic-y.

One day in the not so distant future, Our true identities will come about. most likely through a rogue post, but meh.



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